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Make Friends With Jets

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Imagine having the freedom to fly on a private jet- an experience traditionally reserved for only the most affluent members of our society.  The Ascend Jet Club is changing all of this, bringing the ability to travel on private aircrafts within reach for the average American.




Across the US, there are thousands of private jets, sitting largely unused for the majority of the year.  Through our strategic relationships, we allow our members to access these aircrafts.  The jet owners are able to offset the heavy cost of ownership (maintenance, pilot salaries, insurance, hanger fees, etc.) through our purchase of a guaranteed number of discounted flight hours per year.  This allows the Ascend Jet Club gives you the ability to fly on these private jets for as low as $275 per seat, per hour.  Book on demand charter flights or buy seats on our regular scheduled routes to the most popular destinations in the US and Mexico/Caribbean.   Begin flying from NY/NJ and South East Florida Fall 2016.


Unlike other jet clubs, you don’t need to wire us your life savings to join.  For as little as $49 per month, you can avoid the hassle of flying on a commercial airline.  Imagine being able to arrive minutes before your flight leaves, and airborne in 15 minutes.  Upon arrival, step off, collect your luggage and the rental car hands you the keys to your reserved car on the tarmac.  Hours of your vacation saved, and getting there becomes the highlight.


At Ascend Jet Club, you’ll never write a check for maintenance, hanger fees, pilot salaries, or any of the other astronomical fees which generally accompany jet clubs and jet ownership.


The Ascend Jet Club is an exclusive membership only club.  In order to offer ample availability for flights, membership numbers are capped based on the hours and types of aircrafts available from your origination city.  As a member, you will have access to book flights on demand, as well as individual seats on regularly scheduled flights. We are currently accepting members whose flight plans originate from the following cities:


Boca Raton, FL

Ft Lauderdale, FL

Miami, FL

West Palm Beach, FL

Teterboro, NJ

Farmingdale, NY

Islip, NY

Westchester, NY


Please contact us today and a membership advisor will be in touch with you regarding membership availability in your specific area.


The Ascend Jet Club is a private club and is an agent for its members as required by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Ascend Jet Club uses FAA 135 certified operators to carry out all flights and does not own, lease or operate any aircraft. Ascend Jet Club complies with all state and federal laws and all members are subject to TSA screening prior to joining the club. Prior to flying a member will receive detailed information about their flight.


The Ascend Jet Club is an innovative approach to private aviation.  We are the first membership based club to bring private aviation within reach of the average first class traveler in a genuine and sustainable way.  Unlike most Jet Clubs, there are no large buy in fees, no HUGE monthly expenses, just a simple monthly  membership plus pay per seat per hour to fly model. Think of us as your agent - we introduce you to the owners of the private jets and let you buy one seat at a time, not the whole jet!


Our Memberships start at $49 per month.  This gives you access to book seats on our regularly scheduled routes and to request charter flights on YOUR schedule between our approved city pairs.


We do NOT fly to all airports.  We do NOT make money on the individual flights.  The only thing you will ever pay above the monthly membership will be a flat pay per seat per hour charge to fly with us.


Although we do not fly to all the airports in the US or the world, we  have a robust list of destinations to chose from.  For example, we fly seasonally to a variety of popular ski destinations, and year round to many popular destinations including the Caribbean (Including LRM for Casa De Campo in the Dominican Republic, traditionally a difficult airport to find) and also the East Coast of the United States.


We are currently accepting members who originate in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and South Florida (South East).   Travel begins in these cities Fall 2016.  We are currently on wait-list only for other cities and states including California, Illinois, Minnesota, Georgia, Texas, and Arizona. If you live in one of the above states, we would be happy to discuss the opportunity for future membership and give an estimate as to availability.


Memberships begin at $49 per month.  Please e-mail us today at membership@ascendjetclub.com  or fill out the contact form below to discuss availability.


What We Fly

All planes are professionally crewed, licensed, insured and maintained on part 135 charter certificates.  The Ascend Jet Club does not own any of its own aircrafts.  We have negotiated unbelievable deals to provide you with an exceptional range of aircraft from which to chose.

Our Birds



The backbone of our fleet has and will always be jet aircrafts, however, some small, regional airports do not have an airstrip long enough to accommodate a jet. The King Air (which seats up to 12 passengers) or Piper PA-31-350 (6-9 Passengers) can still take you there, quickly and comfortably. These propeller aircrafts will travel up to 325.  They also burn much less fuel than a jet.  Many times, you can take a quick flight from places like Ft Lauderdale to Nassau or Westchester, NY to Stowe, VT or NY Metro to Atlantic City for around $199 per seat on this type of aircraft, and arrive in just about an hour.


Typical Propeller Planes:


Beechcraft King Air

Piper Navajo PA-31-350

Piaggio P-180 Avanti


A sleek entrance into private jet class, light jets feature cabins accommodating 5 to 7 passengers comfortably. Most include mini galleys, enclosed lavatory, and in-flight audio/video entertainment. Light jet ranges can exceed 2,700 statute miles and are a perfect choice for regional charter flights of up to three hours. Light jet charters provide the best in charter value and efficiency. Charter one or jump on a scheduled flight today.  This class of aircraft is a favorite of celebrities and business executives alike.


Typical Light Aircraft:


Lear 40XR

Citation CJ3

Phenom 300

Learjet 35


The all-around performers in private jet charter, mid-size jets offer outstanding value for four to five hour journeys. The most versatile aircraft in the fleet with the comfort of a larger aircraft and the agility of smaller models, the medium jet offers best in class experience. Typically seating 6 to 9 passengers and feature stand-up cabins, a mini galley, and an enclosed lavatory. Non-stop ranges can exceed 3,900 statute miles. Mid-size jet charter represents an excellent combination of performance, comfort and efficiency. Join today and experience a new level of travel.


Typical Mid-size Aircraft:


Gulfstream G280

Hawker 800XP

Citation Sovereign

Citation XLS


Heavy jets are perfect for international journeys and luxurious transcontinental travel. Most large cabins accommodate 9-16 passengers comfortably and include a cabin attendant, a full hot galley for custom in-flight catering, state of the art audio/video entertainment and a full size enclosed lavatory. High ceilings allow free movement around the cabin and most large cabins can convert into sleeping arrangements for 4-6 passengers. Non-stop ranges can exceed miles, farther than many commercial airliners. Join Ascend today and experience the freedom of non-stop flights almost anywhere in the world.  On your private fleet, brought to you by your Friends With Jets.


Typical Heavy Jet:


Global Express

Challenger 604

Gulfstream G550

Falcon 2000s

The Ascend Jet Club acts as an agent for our members to arrange travel. All information on flights including departure time, operator and tail numbers  will be given prior to departure.

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Find Freedom, Fly Private.  Contact us today to request membership information.  Availability is limited.



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Flying private no longer seems out of reach.  Join today and make new friends with jets.

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